God is about to shift you into something beyond your hustle.

The purpose of your life is set for prophetic help!

Destiny is about to happen to You!

1Sa 9:22 (KJV)
And Samuel took Saul and his servant, and brought them into the parlour, and made them sit in the chiefest place among them that were bidden, which were about thirty persons!

Samuel, the Prophet took Saul and his servant, and brought them into a space of grace far above their ratings in status, education, economy, etc.

And made them sit!

Whao! He, made them to sit. There is no way they would have been able to take seats among these high and mighty, but the prophetic grace made space where none existed and forced Saul as the Captain on a class that was not ready to admit him.

Grace, gave him the chiefest seat among them that were bidden, which were about 30 person!

30! What a Prophetic figure, the number of maturity in Hebrew numerics.

On Sunday, the 12th of December 2021, the City of Abuja will be 30 as the Capital of Nigeria!

Something is set to shift for you, your city and county!

At 30, Joseph’s dream became a reality and his coat of many colours was worn. Your dreams are set for fulfilment!

Even Christ, the Son of God enforced the “30” rule of grace, He waited to start his ministry at 30, the prophetic age of maturity!

Please, this is not the common hype that you are familiar with.

This is grace, sent your way, to your nation Nigeria, in her capital city, Abuja.

The good thing is; this is going to be an hybrid meeting and Nigerians from everywhere can hook up on this!

To our African brethren and the black race in general. God is set to shift us into purpose! Colonialism, the striping of Joseph’s coat of many colors is about to be restored (a symbol of Global Prophetic leadership restoration from Africa).

This is a meeting for you, please do everything you can, to be part of it, physically or virtually!

This is grace, sent to mature you into your Prophetic purpose!

See you there or see you then!


God needs you to be here!
And I look forward to your fellowship with us!