Bible Pattern:
From his father’s house, kindred and tongues Abraham was called out, to come into a country, an inheritance in God, his maker.

In obedience, he stepped out and came to a place called Luz at first, he set up an altar and called upon the name of the Lord. He left the place, but the God he called on came and never left until circumstances of life brought Abraham back there in Jacob!

Jacob lighted upon the place where God was waiting for him without a clue, pulled the altar of the covenant of his father, Abraham, a stone for a pillow, and the heavens opened, Angel ascending and descending, I thought descending should come before ascending! No, they descended the very day Abraham called upon God and waited till Jacob showed up, up they went to say to God, he is here!

Then God, standing upon the ladder there, said to Jacob, I am the Lord God of your father!

Our Encounter:
Same voice came to us at the Apostolic Tower in Abeokuta, 17th day of August 2021, we heard Him. I am the Lord God of your Fathers, of Ajayi Crowther, Moses Orimolade, mentioned several names of his departed saints and then, Ayo Babalola.

Historical Patten:
He went further, that I confirmed to you that Africa shall be the center of my move in this last days. Nigeria shall be my nation and ILESA my Bethel, when I brought you a FATHER, whom I called out of his kindred, tongues and Nation. I gave Sydney Granville Elton your Nation in 1937, and my covenant concerning Nigeria made with him at Bethel is yet with me till today!

Go to Ilesha and rest your heads upon the altar of my covenant with him and have your mind refresh of my promises to you in him, and there shall be a performance of every word spoken to him concerning this nation and I will shift you from fulfilment to fulfilment!
End is in sight concerning your corruption, the season of my blessings for which nation shall envy you is now! I will bless this nation for the work I created her for and pull the trigger of end time revival and global evangelism, Nigeria is my own!

During September meeting, came the confirmation from the Lord, it came to us through Lady Evangelist Dorcas Lola Adewole, that Ilesha in Osun State shall be our point of call for Apostolic Tower, this of course will be the special edition for Independence Celebration in October. I was further instructed expressly that the church should meet Him there to renew the covenant He made with Pa Sydney Granville Elton, whom He referred to as the Father he gave Nigeria, and handed the prophetic template for Africa and the black race.

Submission To Authority:
Understanding spiritual order, I needed to meet someone who had Pa Elton hand laid on him. I responded to an invitation to a program, “waiting upon the Lord”, put together by the kingdom group.

I waited with them prayers for the mission and submitted the prophetic direction to them for guidance. I was prayed for with my wife by Elder John AdejoroOluwa laid hand on me while we were encircled by the kingdom group and released me for the all important apostolic mission. It’s important to state that Bro Dewunmi Adegoju introduced me to Elder John AdejoroOluwa after the Abeokuta meeting.

I left for Ilesha on Monday, 27th September, 2021 and returned on Wednesday, 29th September, 2021 to my base in Lagos.

Let’s Do This Together: Knowing many kingdom hearts are crying for when the promise of God for Nigeria shall be, I am obligated to report the Lord’s doing to all, who are living in the hope of the fulfilment of prophecy. So that we can be strengthened and encouraged for the kingdom work set before us, there is a strategic way to initiate actions towards fulfilment of prophecy. We need you with us on this mission.

I arrived Ilesha, to the grounds of Pentecostal revival in Nigeria, where Pa Elton held meetings with Apostle Ayo Babalola, impacted the lives of countless Generals, few among who are Archbishop Benson Idahosa, Pastor WF Kumuyi, Pastor EA Adeboye, Bro Emeka Nwapa. I was received by Apostle M. O. Olaosebikan the President of The Apostolic Gospel Church of Nigeria (TAGC) as if he has been waiting for me. Pa Elton was the founder of our church, he said, a whiteman who led the black nation out of British Apostolic mission in Nigeria! That was the prophetic key, dropped by Apostle Olaosebikan.

The hold of the British was broken on that day, the alliance that handed Nigeria over at the Dubar was annulled!

In Apostle Olaosebikan’s words, this is not just about TAGC, it is about Ìjẹ̀sà Land and the 2nd wave of African Revival and he referred me to the Chairman, head of Churches in Ìjẹ̀sà Land, who received us very well and after hearing us, said, the Christian Association of Nigeria Forum in Ìjẹ̀sà Land must take a lead role in this and off we go on his order to Rev Fr Patrick Ajayi at the Catholic Cathedral, Òkè Padi, Ifofin, Iléṣà.

All things indeed are ready!

There is no other place to be than Nigeria on the 15th of October 2021, to our Bethel (Iléṣà), I beckons on you to come! The place of descended Angels, where they are waiting for ALL who will come with their petitions that they may ascend with them! And be ready to take our journey from Bethel to take the nation.

The heavens here are opened. There is a ladder for destiny lifting for as many as will come!

The God of our fathers is here!

Fellowship With Mama Ruth Elton:
On the visit, a direct descendant of Pa Elton after the Spirit, Brother Oluyemi Ẹsan Isachar, who heard of my coming on Monday 27th September 2021, left all, to be the kingdom Envoy on ground for the mission, led me to Mama Ruth Elton , the only daughter of Pa Elton, she prayed for me, in prophetic terms and unction that confirms the mission to ILESA!

She mentioned names of specific persons, who by God must be part of this meeting. Setting us out for another round of consultations, all for you and the kingdom!

Trust God With Us:
With just 2 weeks and few days to this meeting, commanded by God, our inadequacies is exposed to His adequacy.

Please, keep us with you in your prayers.

I promise to keep you posted.

His servant and yours

Dr Bolaji O Akinyemi.