AGENDA: To break up our fallow field in politics and alter the political DNA of our country. For the emergence of Leaders After God’s Own Spirit, LAGOS!

Modus Operandi:
A natural law permits things to produce after their kinds. Our authority as “The Spirit Nation” shall be deployed to suspend this law particularly regarding leadership over Nigeria.

Mat 16:19
I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you prohibit on earth will be prohibited in heaven, and whatever you permit on earth will have heaven’s backing and shall be the permitted order of things on earth. (Translation mine).

Prayer Points:

1. Repentance:
Our hedges, sin has broken Psa 80:12
Why hast thou then broken down her hedges, so that all they which pass by the way do pluck her?

Ours is not to complain about the activities of the enemy that are plucking us out of positions and existence in our country. We shouldn’t even attempt to stop it until we have repaired the hedges.

The need to repent on behalf of the church and her leaders whose self seeking brought us this trouble is sacrosanct.

2. Judgment: every leaders positioned to mislead the church and consequently the nation must have their hedges broken and their light put off, their candles removed out of the candlesticks.

Psa 89:40 KJV: “Thou hast broken down all his hedges; thou hast brought his strong holds to ruin.

Pray that God in his furious judgment will break the hedges of our leaders spiritually and politically. That their stronghold be brought to ruin, that everything they put their trust in shall fail them in the mighty name of Jesus.

Apply Rev 2:5:
“Remember how far they have fallen. Come quickly oh Lord, and remove their candlestick out of its place, because they have failed to repent.

Invoke the law of substitution by grace and mercy to favour Leaders After God’s Own Spirit.

3: Security: as the mountains surround Jerusalem, so is the LORD round about His people. There is nothing to expect from this Government anymore in term of security. It’s a hopeless case. We must ask God to step in. He alone can keep His people safe in our predicaments.

4. The Law
Nigeria is mostly bound by “laws” What is preventing our developments are actually various limiting laws. The satanic law with which we are tied down
many years back, the law preventing anyone apart from Federal government and state governments from opening a TV station, was liberalised by the most unlikely person; Sani Abacha, though, for a selfish reason, but what he did for evil is today a good to our nation. We all can see the level of development Nigeria have experienced since then in that sector. Can we count the number of employment that singular act of removing such law had on the broadcasting industry and free speech? The value chain around that and how many people have benefited and still benefiting till now? Just a single law!
We must recall that, much as the NPN Government of Shagari play politics with the metro line dream of Lateef Jakande for Lagos, just a decree in Buhari’s days as Head of State truncated it. Imagine how better off the transportation system of Lagos state would have been by now. If only there was no law to hold it back.
Let’s look at electricity generation, if only they can repeal the “law” that put generation of electricity under exclusive list. If only they will allow state governments to generate and distribute their own electricity, if only corporate investors will be allowed. I am sure we won’t be having as much issues as we have now with light.

We must pray that every laws holding Nigeria down to backwardness and under development be repealed, while new ones that will make for speedy development be made in their place in the mighty name of Jesus.

Another example is the pension reform law. For many years our parents collected peanuts as gratuity after 35 years of service. Obasanjo changed that law. Now look at a practical example. A teacher who retired under the old law after about 27years or so as a teacher got about 1.9M naira as gratuity. Because she didn’t retire on the contributory pension scheme.

Another, who retired on the contributory pension scheme got 12M as gratuity after 35years. Now, some people who are still in service already has about that 12M after like 12years in service. You see what a repeal or simple tweaking of some laws can do to the development of the nation? Let’s not even talk about how many employment that singular change of law has generated.

Today, it is to the pension fund generated as a result of that law that this useless government is turning to borrow.

Let’s us pray that the forces of heaven will back our demand for a Restructured federation.

Pray that the Spirit of LAGOS will move over Lagos state to initiate a movement of politically conscious and actively involved persons who will work as influencers to make possible elections of those who will make it to Houses of Assembly, reps and Senate to be instruments in the hands of God to sustain a season of law reform that will reposition our Nation to fully maximise our potentials.

The triumph of the mountain of the house of the Lord can only be enabled by the law coming out of Zion.

Prophetic Declarations:
1. Command that the law enabling things to produce after their kinds will stay suspended. Declare that our present political leadership shall be barren in the dynamics of 2023.

3. Release the Spirit of mercy of the Lord over every Jonathan in our political dynasty, command their Jonathan to turn against them regarding leadership and to by favour, submit to the David’s around their thrones in the mighty name of Jesus.

Please, join me and others like you for this all important session of prayers.

DATE: Tuesday 2nd of March 2021.

TIME: 10AM – 12:30PM.
(All Guest and participants must be seated by 9:45AM. It’s a close door prayer session, door will be closed at 10:30AM, please, we don’t intend to be rude but on divine instructions door will not be open once it is closed).


Host & Convener: Pastor Kayode Adeshoga.

Please, come fasting if you can and send your details to 08033041236 (WhatsApp only) if you intend to participate.

Thanks for all time.

Yours for the Spirit Nation.

Dr. Bolaji O. Akinyemi.
Convener, Apostolic Round Table.