All Ministers of God in Lagos State.

Dear Stewards of grace,


Friends, the teaching grace in Antioch defined Christian Identity, and the coming of prophets from Jerusalem to a church taught in the word, who were portraits of Christ, unleash the prophetic grace by which the Church knew a famine was coming upon the world. The church was positioned to take advantage of it when it eventually came, (Act 11:25-30).

How come we found ourselves where we are as the Church in a nation without a word of warning?

Act 13:1-3, gave us clear insight of what can happen when prophetic graces find wings in the teaching graces. The stirring of the prophetic by sound teaching launch the Church on her first global mission conquest.

ACT 20:20 4 ART 2020.

Our mandate to make known all things for life’s profitability will take the centre stage.

God is out to seize the heart of this nation, and release to us her destiny, vis a vis LAGOS (Leaders After God’s Own Spirit).

Let’s trigger the release of grace for greatness that Africa and the black race has been waiting for.

Apostolic Round Table 2020, will pull the the trigger of divine shift in leadership in a remote corner of Lagos, called Abule-Egba.

You need to be where God will, and be a part of what He will be doing @ THE SPIRIT OF LAGOS.

Join other great servants of God like yourself, for a moment of prophetic intervention and insightful teaching for the destiny of our nation and generation.

*DATE: Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th January 2020*.

*TIME: 9AM-2PM morning sessions*

*5PM-8PM evening sessions*

Please, share this massage, and persuade all, who name the name of the Lord our God, to take their place in this move of God.

You can call me on 08033041236, to let me know you are coming. I am waiting for your call.

We look forward to sharing fellowship with you at ART.

On behalf of all who loves our God and our Nation, his servant and yours.

Apt. Dr. Bolaji O Akinyemi.